Improved sanitizing and disinfection can result from a program framework that maximizes application technology and liquid chemistry advancements.


Many emerging chemicals and advanced application technologies are designed to deliver better results more consistently and more safely than current cleaning and disinfection tools.  These advancements represent an opportunity to adjust standardized processes and protocols to simplify operations while taking full advantage of better performance.  Invest in the analysis required to develop an effective Touch Point Healthy strategy unique to your environment and culture.


Pathogens in our globally connected communities represent the introduction of new or changing microbes and pathogens that your current chemistry selections may not be capable of neutralizing or preventing.  Taking advantage of the newest advances in sanitizing and disinfection chemistry is critical to be cost effective, clinically successful and safe for your workers and constituents.


Advanced touchless electrostatic spraying technologies form E-Mist Innovations eliminates the step of wiping surfaces during sanitizing or disinfecting.  This stops surface cross contamination and improves worker safety while delivering a uniform and highly charged blanket of droplets that adhere to just about any touchable surface. Chemical performance and liquid yields are dramatically improved as well.

Training And Development

Advanced chemistry and surface application technologies, when selected and organized correctly, are very easy to use and eliminate unnecessary exposure to chemicals and inhalation hazards while improving surface treatment speed and accuracy.  The latest application systems from E-Mist Innovations can be used with any water soluble chemical and are simple to master while developing a new generation of effective infection prevention and infection control professionals.